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Posted in Comics/GN's on Sunday January 01 2012

First promise kept for the year of 2012! :) If you've forgotten or just plain out don't know what I'm talking about, I had said that I would announce the project that I've been working on for a while now. Others of you may know or remember me asking for input for this idea.

I've been trying my hand at making a comic book story! It's very short. Less than ten pages long. It's a fictional story set in Alaska, inspired by real life events. It is a revenge story, so the tone will be serious. It follows two sisters, one being the heroine.

I'd like to say, before I start to post actual bits of this project, that there may be a chance that I will never consider this project quite done. My husband says that I am trying to cram so much into so few pages, that I should really be writing a full on 60 page graphic novel. With his help, I just might be able to pull something like that off before I die, but for now, I am putting as much effort into finishing just these 8 or so pages. He knows much better than I do about how a comic book or graphic novel should be, so I trust that this project might not quite seem right when it comes to the pacing. I also have little idea of what I'm doing when it comes to the way the damn thing should be drawn or colored & hope that it'll come off as just a personal style rather than just plain awfulness due to the inadequacy of some chic attempting something she has little knowledge about :D Maybe I'll just call it "quirky!" & leave it at that :P

So! Enough intro? Here are a few early notes & sketches I've done. You can click on them to get a more detailed look at 'em, but I've intentionally made them a bit hard to read as I'm hoping not to spoil the story by posting these & all...

Click Images for Bigger & Better versions!

I was hesitant in posting the partially finished first page of the comic book, as I haven't yet decided if I wanted to post the thing in it's entirety once it was fully finished or post a page or so now & then. But I've decided to post this first page, thinking that even if I decide to post it in it's entirety later on, I don't think posting the first page is going to ruin the story or anything. So here's the rough draft version of the first page! I still need to fix a few little things. For example, one of the feet looks twisted in the sixth panel etc. I'm also batting around the idea of shading &/or coloring it, though I'm not sure if I can pull off doing so yet...

Click Image for Bigger & Better version!

I'm not really expecting all that many comments, if any at all. Because of this, though, you have a chance to surprise me & make me all happyful by commenting! :D :D :D Suggestions, feedback, love, hate all welcome! Anonymous even!

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so cool can shishmaref be in 1 n me 2 ;)
Comment by jakie kuzuguk @ Monday January 02 2012

There are pages inspired by Shishmaref & Nome :) If I make it longer, I'll probably have some things set in Anchorage & other parts of Alaska. Maybe even Ninilchik/Homer. I have a couple of extra stories that don't quite fit in with the main story. If I make those, I'll be sure to put you in one of them, Jakie! :D
Comment by Xyanne Baker @ Tuesday January 03 2012

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