Comic #2 The Parents Club

Posted in Webcomics on Monday December 26 2011

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Christmas Comic

Are you a member of The Parents Club? Depending on how you want to look at it, you can either imagine that the scene was produced by one of the demented little ones, or you can imagine that the scene was produced by the parents when the little ones were asleep or away.

Dustin was lucky. He got actual J&B in the end. All I got was some crummy candy cigarettes in which I was nice enough to offer him because I'm a good parent & know how to share :)

I should probably work on my drawing ability a bit more... but I won't because I know myself well enough to know that I won't. & since that's the case, to make very sure you know what's going on here. The teddy bear hung himself with a yo yo & dolly dear decided to stick her head in the play oven. Dustin is pouring his J&B into a toy teacup. & if you still can't understand the first three panels; You're suppose to think that the gun is real until you find out in the third panel that it was a toy cap gun. Wow, maybe I should work on my drawing ability so I don't have to spell it out & all. Anyways :D

Parents, enjoy!

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