Comic #1 Merry X-Mas!

Posted in Webcomics on Saturday December 24 2011

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Christmas Comic

Merry X-Mas from the Baker family! :) Pacino & Baby Girl always seem to stick their furry little "look at meee!" faces/asses in the backgrounds of our photos, so I thought it was fitting they showed up in the first panel all kinda accidental-like & stuff.

Strip is based on a true story. Dustin thought it'd be funny to wave some old piece of food he found on the floor in my face one day to try & gross me out. Since I was concentrating on cooking & because I tend to trust him... Yeaaahh... Trust really isn't always a good thing :D

This will *hopefully* be the first of many web comics to come. Dustin & I tend to spout some weird random possibly entertaining crap a few times a day. At first I thought that it'd make for a good reality series, but we're lazy (laaaazy, lazy!) & reality shows are like... sooo 2001. So I thought I'd make a web comic series instead.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! & tell me whatcha think, damn it! :D :D :D Love you all! *MUAH!*

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