Posted in Updates on Saturday December 17 2011

I've made a fully functional blog layout from scratch in under three days! Now you can comment on entries, find entries by newest, archive, or category & you can also check out next & previous entries by clicking on the next/previous links.

I've also made the robot rollovers! So now, when you hover over each navigational link under "recent entries", the robot changes. I still need to fix the harsh border around the robot images, but it isn't all that big of a deal right now.

There are just a few more minor things I need to fix before I will consider the blog layout good enough. I need to fix the comment colors so that they are distinguishable from each other, add an image with the background color & tile it to the background just in case someones browser doesn't render the background color properly, and the only partially tricky one, make it so that when the archive or category links are clicked, it brings you to those entries instead of bringing you to a page where you click on the title of the entry to view each entry.

I might announce my newly designed website on facebook, twitter, & elsewhere before then. We'll see :) Celebration time! Cooooookies!!!!!!

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